What set up for 500-700g camera total weight
  • This is for
  • This is for a cablecam (light weight) come hand held gimble. Reading through all the documentation I have a few question on matching components.

    1) Is this the area where the Tiny BGC would be suitable?

    2) The motors I have selected are probably overkill, GBM 5208H 180T and 2x 4108H-120T. I need a fast yaw, what combination would suit this setup?

    3) How does roll work if you are over riding with manual controls?

    4) I'm considering getting this, 'ACK Pro Mid-Sized Ball Bearing Brushless Gimbal' from Hobbyking, is it any good?

    5) I'd prefer to build all the gimbal instead of doing a mod, but one of the problems I'm finding is locating componets for carbon fiber connetions. Any ideas on sources?

  • small size DSLR like NEX to GH3 the motors are ok not over kill . you can find carbon fiber parts here