Building a gimbal from scratch.
  • Im still quite new at all these things but i thought id give it a try and start to build a gimbal out of some aluminium and plastic brackets. I understand the basic concept of balancing the pitch and roll so it's easy to build that and make the part adjustable to compensate for a camera. But for the yaw axis, I would place it on a stand and from balancing tutorials, every time yoy perfectly balance the yaw, the yaw boom should be pointing up but that's not happening with mine.

    My skill level is noob at designing so I'd thought I'd get some pointers. Cheers guys
  • Make some design, fast prototype, update the design... It will take iterations to get it good.

    Choose bigger motors that you need, pay attention that all axis are well supported.

    There is so many choices how to arrange the adjustability etc.

    Compact and solid gimbal operates for sure better than big and flexing gimbal.

    Study the existing designs and create something new.

    That is if you really want to build it your self from the scratch.
  • Why would I need to focus on the pitch and roll if I cant get the Yaw to balance properly?

    Looking at any gimbal, would the area of the pitch have to be infront of the yaw?
  • To make a gimbal work well you need to focus to all axis and much more, getting it balanced is a good start.

    I have hard time understanding what is your yaw balancing problem? It is just the same as other axis, it need to be balanced. On normal gimbal best start balancing from pitch, then roll and last yaw.

    On normal gimbal, on normal level position, pitch would be in front of yaw.
  • How do I calibrate the joystick? I cant find an option within the GUI to calibrate it
  • Scroll the RC