Lock yaw axis (let it work between -30 -> 30 (angle)
  • Hello Guys,
    I'm looking for a way to lock the yaw axis.
    I've tried to lock by the RC min-max angle, but it is not possible for the yaw axis.
    What I need to do is to let the yaw move freely between -30 -> 30.
    Does anyone knows what can I do?
    Many thanks

  • hello,
    what's wrong your yaw moves between 0-30 degrees for no reason ?No there is no way to lock way! sounds like an balancing or tuning issue!
  • Hello @AOPEN3434,
    My gimbal is constructed in a very different way (similar to Letus Helix), so when the Yaw moves around 60 degrees for any side, it starts to shake (trying to compensate the different construction). So it's not a balance, or tuning issue.
    @alexmos told me to wait the next atualization of the firmware, but if I could lock the Yaw, my problems would be solved....
  • I am familiar with it !sound like a tuning/balance issue despite you saying it is not form what you have described! if your gimbals is not rigid enough will cause yaw to act funny like you described as well you can fix by increasing the tension/rigidity of the rig.
  • Thanks @AOPEN3434 , but I've already tried that. The gimbal is rock solid, but the issue still the same...
    Could it be another thing?
  • cool man! last ting some times placement of electronics can cause issues freak outs from EMF interference happened to me scratch my head for a while on this issue ! all i did was move my receiver and the issue was gone! hope you can pin point what causing you trouble cheers.