Tarot 2d compatibility
  • I am new to gimbals and use this SAFELY on my quadcopter. I purchased a tarot 2d and it worked for a very little while and now it appears the board is not working. I understand that a BCG/AlexMos board will work on my gimbal.

    I need more info. Is this true? What do I need? Is it easy to install and operate? Any other words of advice
  • Yes, Basecam controllers work with Tarot 2d. Just make sure you get an genuine Basecam boar, so it is also supported.

    Setting up the Basecam board is easy when one knows how it is done. For first time it really requires reading the user's manual carefully first and following it in detail, and even then, it can get confusing, there is many different parameters that can be adjusted, and it takes some time to understand them all.

    Basic setup, just follow the users manual and it will be fine.