The board i got off ebay does not look anything like the ones on this website
  • Good day could anyone please help me.I have bought this exact board from ebay http://www.aliexpress.com/item/The-Original-FPV-Alexmos-3-Axis-Brushless-Gimbal-V2-3-or-Latest-Version-For-FPV-Photography/1561921987.html

    Maybe this was my 1st mistake.
    I need to know what software to install on it,also do not know where and how to mount imu, Help anyone?
    Also noticed that my sensor has 5 pins coming out of it but on the board side it only has 4 pins and the cable provided only has 4 wires.

    Going to be using it on a Dys 3 axis gimbal for Sony nex 6

    Thank you in advance for the help.
  • You have to understand that Basecam sells the license for the software and reference design only.
    Its upp to the board manufacturer how they want to put the board togheter and look.

    This seems to be a 8bit design so you should browse the 8bit software pages.