Restoring Firmware Alexmoss 32 bits
  • Dear,

    I have a big problem. I have one Alexmoss 32 bits in plastic case, but I connect with PC and I upgrade firmware bad and now I can not connect with the program.

    What is the solution?
    Can I restoring the firmware? How it´s made?

    Regards and thanks.

  • Hello,
    The User Manual have a subsection (in the section 13. Firmware update):
    Uploading firmware in the manual mode.
    This option is intended for special cases when the board becomes bricked (GUI cannot connect to it) and
    you need to upload special a “recovery” version of firmware, or when you experienced problems with
    automatic upgrade. Use this mode carefully and only if you understand what you are doing!
    1. Disconnect any power source and USB cable.
    2. Close (set) FLASH jumper on board (attach jumper to the 2 pins marked as 'FLASH', thus shorting
    3. Connect board to PC by USB cable
    4. Run GUI, select COM port (but don't connect!) and go to "Upgrade firmware", "Manual" tab but
    DO NOT PRESS "CONNECT" IN THE GUI, IF JUMPER IS CLOSED! If pressed, you need to repeat all
    steps from the beginning.
    5. Choose firmware file (*.hex or *.bin format).
    6. Select board version:
    • v.3.x (32bit) through Virtual COM Port – for a regular 32-bit board
    • v.3.x (32bit) through USB in DFU mode – for a “Tiny” type 32-bit version
    7. Press "FLASH" button and wait for process to finish.
    8. Open (remove) FLASH jumper.

    Please, read the manual: http://www.basecamelectronics.com/files/v3/SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_50_eng.pdf
  • And what is the Flash jumper in my Alexmoss?
  • Hello,
    Take a photo of your control board in high resolution and place here.
  • I see the Flash jumper in my Alexmoss. What is the best firmware for restoring?
  • I make the same of manual, and when I connect the alexmoss to GUI, the alexmoss only beep and in the program put firmware 0.00 b0.

    Whats happen?

    regards and thanks
  • Hello,
    Congratulations! Now, you need unplug all power sources from the board (USB and battery) and open flash jumper. After, connect control board to the PC and upgrade board in Automatic mode to desired firmware version.
  • Hello,

    Yes I make the same that you said me, but when I disconnect the board and connect again I can not connect with GUI.
    For exampel, I put 2.42b7 firmware and I use GUI 2.42b7 adn I update firmware automatic and all is ok. But now disconnect the board of USB and battery and connect again to programm and the board only lights LED red and I can not connect with GUI.
    I have not idea what is the problem.
  • I can't see the USB drivers when I open the GUI on MAC OSX 10.10.4 ... GUI V2.5b3 So I can't connect my controller...
  • sent you pics of my board already...
  • ok I was able to load the firmware to the board by following the above directions. Resolved connecting my board to the GUI.
  • Good.
    At first I could do everything as you stated in the manual and there were no problems. Today, when you connect the board to the PC and start the gui, everything was a mess, and does not recognize or can you re-install the firmware manual or automatic winding mode.

    Maybe the new update Java 8 will be broken?
  • Hello,
    joncaldito, we recommend you contact your seller to solve the problem, because it looks like problem with microcontroller.