Gimbal motors - What is the minimum resistance the 32 bit BGC will work with?
  • We are in the process of possibly trying to retrofit a Zenmuse GH4 gamble with a 32-bit BGC board. We have done some research into the Zenmuse and found that the motors are measuring around 1.7 Ohms between each of the three leads. Each access is outfitted with an encoder. We plan to use the encoders on the 32-bit board as well.

    The big question. What is the minimum resistance the BGC 32 Bit Bored allow? I have read that 3 ohms is optimal for heavy loads and high torque....
  • It depends of the board. The upcoming Pro board can handle almost any thing http://www.basecamelectronics.com/pro/

    It is good to remember U=R x I, i.e Voltage = Resistance x Current, so if the board can provide 1.5 A, at 10 volts and full Power it can handle about 6.7 ohms

    At 10 volts 1.7 ohms would require almost 6 A handling capability
  • It does not provide mucj specifications, what is the max voltage, what is the max current? Hig voltage ie useful for high resistance, hig current for low resistance motors.
  • YES, this is a GENUINE Alex Mos new 32 bit 3 axis controller!

    20AMPS per port

    The controller can be used for building BIG gimbal for Professional use 3-axis camera stabilizing systems which can be mounted to UAV and for building handheld camera stabilizers. Unlike the Simple BGC board, this board is built for heavy duty and high power output with CNC aluminum protected case.
    Basic functions of the controller
    - 32-bit MCU ARM Cortex M4. Effectively calculates the complex tasks for 3-axes stabilization.
    - Allows camera control with the RC or analog joystick.
    - Use several switchable profiles for different modes of operation
    - Supports variety of RC protocols: PWM, Sum-PPM, spektrum and s-bus.
    - Battery voltage monitoring, compensating voltage drop in the PID-regulator.
    - Low battery alarm (output to 5V active buzzer).
    - Increased number of inputs for controlling signals + 3 additional reserved input/output AUX1-AUX3.
    - Dedicated UART-socket to connect optional Bluetooth module
    - Reverse-polarity protection, overheat and overcurrent protection
    - Improved attitude estimation algorithms
    - Optional second IMU, that will increase the short-term precision of the stabilization 10x-30x times and will make stable work in any frame position.

    - 12-26volts
    - Current handling up to 20 Amps Constant per EACH motor port
    - Built in cooling fan
    - Built in 12v/4A DC Regulator to power auxiliary devices.
    - Reversible IMU cable (polarity protection)
    - 2 x Advanced Address switchable IMUs (easily change between frame and camera) with power indicator (Blue LED)
    - Additional 4 Pin JR port for IMU Connection
    - Built-in Power Switch
    - Built-in Buzzer
    - Built-in Power Indicator RED LED
    - Built-in IMU Status/Battery Sensor Indicator Green LED
    - Modular Female connectors for motors
    - 2 mounting holes for IMU (26mm)
    - 1x 3 axis board fully enclosed in CNC case
    - 2x IMU fully enclosed in CNC case (switchable between Frame and Camera mode)
    - 1x IMU 72cm cable with connector on both end
    - 1x IMU 42cm cable with connector on both end
    - Main controller: 84x54x17 113grams
    - IMU: 22x22mm 6.7grams
    - IMU cable diameter 2.5mm
    - Main power cable 16awg
  • there is also another model cost too much $600 wont bother post !
  • Please post, because I find their site difficult to navigate and difficult to find the relevant information.

    Yes, 300 or 600 is a lot, but not really for a gimbal that needs 20A, such thing is huge and expensive.

    The way they provide the specification does not make me trust them. But if that truly can drive 1.3 ohm motor at 26 V (=20A and that is BTW 520W per motor) it is interesting .
  • another HV Phobotic Centerpiece HV Brushless Gimbal Controller – 3 Axis CP HV BGC cost a lot more but the other hiy voltage is better and less expensive I have stock ! I am out of stock for now on the
    Phobotic Centerpiece HV Brushless Gimbal Controller – 3 Axis CP HV BGC.