NEW BaseCamBGC Pro much like Centerpiece Brushless Gimbal Controller ?? need Raspberry PI in the mix
  • Hello,
    Seen the new design of pro gimbals controller but I am not so much impressed with where it is going more ports like CAN, SPI , ability to handle up to 26v, Built in Bluetooth nice features but for what practical perpus ? Things are changing fast and need to innovate because of competition . there is some thing missing camera control basic computer vision. I have been working on just this for some months now. Makes some of what your trying to accomplish with new controller look really redundant in terms of what is possible like (Centerpiece Brushless Gimbal Controller ). Current copter setup consist of FC , small Computer like Raspberry PI, Intel Edison, Cubie board and payload like camera and gimbal . We are looking for integration here connecting gimbal controller to onboard PC as well as the FC (on board camera) . to have PC act as a communication hub as well as a configuration pass thru device eliminating the need for bluetooth. even if you using gimbal hand held give remote control of the camera for a very cost effective solution.
    setting up entangle for camera control
    setting up Gphoto2 for camera control
    mini pc runs linux BGC softwear
    compiling r motion for Linux

  • BaseCamBGC Pro looks good for big pro systems needing much current, it supports encoders, and I would assume will mostly be used with encoders. For big gimbals CAN will be nice, more reliable on long cables, and hopefully better IMUs in future...

    Computer vision is something I am currently working too, hope cameras would provide face recognition positions in X, Y etc. Need to build separate system because they do not. I am quite happy though of the interfaces Basecam provides for interfacing such systems.