32 board on LiPo 6s safe or not??
  • Can I connect the 32 bit board directly 6s LiPo? When fully charged it is 25.2V in theory but in reality upon connecting the voltage hovers around 25V and drops just bellow 25V almost immediatelly when my multirotor spools up. I want to run everything on my hexa from one main 6s LiPo 5000mAh battery including fpv and all electronics. The specs for the board say 8-25V so I am guessing I should be fine but the manual states clearly LiPo 3-5s, so I am a bit concerned if 6s LiPo wil not fry it.
  • I think the manual states 5S for a reason. Though it would work for some 6S, it does not guarantee it works for you.

    Also do you need 25V, typically that would lead to very low power settings. I would recommend using a 12 V or so BEC. If you need higher voltages there is solutions also for that.
  • Can you recommend any 12V stepdown regulator? How many Amp combined do I need for 3 motors RC Timer 4108.
  • I have been using Castle 10A BEC on GoPro gimbal, but it goes only up to 9V and needs to be programmed. It works good on that application.

    Gimbal does not need 10A. My gimbals typical use some 1.5A. best if you measure it, with the voltage you will be using it. It does not be any huge 10 or 20A BEC. 5A is most likely more than enough.

  • Probably ok, but I have no way telling, I have not used it. If it is reported to be noisy, maybe better look elsewhere, but is not terribly expensive to test.
  • I guess the noise can affect the fpv transmission or even interfere with radio rx reception or GPS signal. Is there a way to deal with noise like putting a ferrite ring around the output wires or any other way of shielding it????
  • I hope it is not that bad, but if it is reported to have that kind of problems, better look for different BEC.