Home Position changing.
  • I am having an issue with the home position changing when I use the switch I have setup on my Tx. When I flip the switch, sometimes it resets the gimbal position correctly, and sometimes it does not. Tends to happen most when flying. Most of the time it is the yaw axis that is affected.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Maybe the yaw tries to move too fast and looses sync. Try using acceleration limiter.
  • Acceleration Limiter? Is that a BaseCam GUI setting?
  • I think I may have figured something out, but I'd sure someone's opinion.

    I realized today that the Home Position switch is resetting the gimbal to the position it was in when it was initialized, not facing forward relative to the copter, like I want. Does that make sense? So, if I yaw the copter 90° to the right and hit the switch, the gimbal yaws 90° to the left, so it always ends up facing the direction it was pointing when the gimbal was turned on. It is very consistent in this behavior. Unfortunately, what I need, and the way I still think this control should behave, is to reset the gimbal so it's pointing forward relative to the orientation of the copter. Am I wrong? Is its current behaviour correct?

    Any advice on this would be appreciated.
  • I do believe I've discovered a solution, though it's a bit unconventional.

    While doing more research into this, I discovered that the latest version of the firmware added a functionality where the gimbal will reset its position, on all three axes, with the Motor On command. The question then became whether this reset would simply do the same thing as the Home Position command and ignore the copter orientation, or if it would somehow recurrent copter orientation into account. After creating a switch and testing it out on my bench, it seemed that it does in fact look at the copter yaw position. In fact, it resets all three axes to theit init position, relative to the copter, which is exactly what I want! I tested this new switch in the air a few hours ago, and threw many flying situations at it, and it is working perfectly. Finally!

    I have the switch mapped to my Taranis' SH, spring loaded, dual position switch, so that the down position turns off the motors (Motors Off), and the up position turns the motors back on (Motors On). Since its spring loaded I really just need to flip it, and voila, the gimbal resets to the forward position of the copter, no matter where the copter is pointed. In fact, I tried yawing the gimbal 270°, flipped the switch, and the gimbal took the short route back to zero.

    I know this is not the most elegant of solutions, and feels more like a hack than anything, but it is working where nothing else I tried would.

    My only question now is whether this tactic of switching the motors on and off could be bad for the motors themselves over time.
  • Hey Im just picking up on this. I notice my 'Home' position when clicked is a little off on the horizon, is there a way to adjust and 'save' a new home position? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • I can answer my own question after kind help from mr cheesycam. I needed to make adjustments in the follow page in the offset parameter. Worked perfectly