Yaw axis rotating slowly to the left
  • Hello guys,

    i just received the new 32bit controller purchased from flyduino, I will upload a video soon, but until than I want to ask you if anyone can help me in a few issues I have.

    1. In the first profile I disabled the follow and no RC input is active, it works ok but yaw slowly rotates to the left, like 60 degrees in a few minutes, the GUI doesn't sense the rotation, it shows it as pointed to the north but the gimbal is turned 90 degrees to the left, this much rotated while I was writing this message

    Here are some settings, I activated now just the yaw motor while testing http://prntscr.com/7rpzxz

  • Carefully calibrate the gyro. the gimbal must be completely stationary during the calibration (at steady floor etc.)

    Better do the calibration when needed (assign to button) and disable the calibration at start up. if the calibration is activated at startup, the gimbal must be completely stationary during startup each time.

    Your problem could also be joystick. Make sure that all RC settings that are not used are disactivated. Calibrate joystick, and add deadpan if needed. (you say they are not active, just make sure all is disactivated)
  • Thank you. The gyro calibration fixed the problem !

    Now I only have one major issue, but maybe I will open a new thread, the whole gimbal starts to shake like crazy when a big shock is applied. I wanted to mount the gimbal on a cable cam, I just came from some more test.

    Here's a video with the gimbal test I made yesterday night in my office .. is almost ok :)

  • "whole gimbal starts to shake like crazy when a big shock is applied" That probably is PID tuning issue. Could also be that frame IMU could help.