SturdyShots MinisturdyFlight not working
  • I recently purchased a SturdyShots MinisturdyFlight. I purchased it to use with my Panasonic GH4 with a Olympus 9-18mm lens. Jaco at Sturdy Shots had already prebalanced the gimbal for my setup before you mailed out the gimbal to me. I got the gimbal a few days ago and just today received the batteries for the gimbal which was Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack. After I charged the battery, I installed it into the gimbal, which already had my camera and lens attached. The gimbal turned out and has a constant blinking green light. However, the gimbal isn't working. It's not balancing the camera and it's not working. Studyshots is on vacation until July 19 so I can't get their help until then but I was told that this forum may be of help.

    Here are the system details for the system details for the SturdyShots MinisturdyFlight:

    AlexMos 8Bit 2.4b7 board
    5208motor 200t on yaw
    4008motor on pitch and tilt

    Is there something I'm supposed to do to get the gimbal to work intially.
  • Hello,
    Try connect gimbal to the GUI and check errors. And take screenshots of Basic, Advanced and Service tabs of the GUI and place here.