Joystick not working anymore - crazy beeping with green light flashing
  • Okay so I've been pulling my hair out today because I had my Came 7000 gimbal set up perfectly with joystick and functions set.

    I placed the gimbal in my car for my first professional shoot but when I took it out, attached the camera and plugged the battery in it just went crazy beeping and a flashing green light on the board.
    The gimbal stabilizes fine and the joystick works but it just does this crazy beeping and flashing green light. If I pull out the joystick blue wire it stops.

    What has happened? Would be a difference in temperature - the car was hot when I pulled it out and started it, about 30C, but was only about 20C when I set it up that morning.

    board version 3.1
    firmware 2.50b2
    I've attached pics and 5 second video of the flashing green beeping
  • Temperature will not cause the alarm. What is the blue Wire? how long is the cable? inspect what is wrong on your joystick.
  • The blue wire is then on the right of "BTN" (Blue and orange). I forgot to mention the joystick only works when i change direction up down left right, but pressing the button or even hold it will not execute the set functions at all
  • So there is something wrong with the button or how it is connected. Depending of your button it might make a difference how it is connected, if there is common ground with other wires. it is better to use button that is not connected anywhere else than BTN pins.
  • It is not connected anywhere else or interfering with other wires. It was working fine a few hours earlier but suddenly starts beeping and flashing green. I tried disconnecting everything and reconnecting one by one but no matter what way I do it as soon as the blue wire goes in the beeping starts
  • It probably is then all the time connected. does removing ornage wire help, if not then it is connected also something else.