8bit 3 axis controller RC and FC input issue
  • Anyone can give me some help/tips, is the board bad or is there a software setting I made wrong?

    Here's a video, you can see the cable both ends, I don't know why the 8bit board, didn't used standard wire order (signal + -), instead used a different order for the pins ( + signal - ). Anyway the pins are correctly mounted as you can see in the video, but on the screen nothing appears in the RC_ROLL , RC_YAW, RC_PITCH ... I also tried a 4 button joystick from RC Timer (2channels, UP - DOWN, LEFT - RIGHT) , the led inside the joystick lits but nothing is shown in the software interface.

    I used the red servo tester in the video, you can see if only the servo is plugged in , the servo moves correctly, but right after I connect the cable from any RC input, the servo doesn't move anymore!!

    Any advices ?