GLB 3-axis gimbal ROLL problem
  • Hey guys!

    I recently bought a 3-axis gimbal for the Sony NEX from GoodLuckBuy. It seems to be a knockoff of the DYS BLG3SN. It's running BaseCam on an 8-bit controller.
    Everything is working just fine, except ROLL.

    I've tried reflashing the board (but only with the latest FW. Gonna try an earlier version once I'm home).
    I've also tried changing the outputs to rule out any motor failure.
    There's barely any movement in the ROLL axis motor at all, even if I set the motor power and PIDs to max.
    YAW and PITCH is working perfectly.
    The raw data looks fine too. Nothing wrong with acc/gyro.

    Any ideas to what might be the problem?