Error: Motor is missing steps
  • I believe I followed all the steps for calibrating and tuning the gimbal but the error on the GUI says the motor is missing steps. What could I be missing here? I did the motor configuration and the PID Controller auto config. What else could it be?
  • That means motor has skipped poles due external forces. If this happens constantly during normal operation, then it is something to worry about. If the gimbal works ok, nothing to worry about.
  • That's the thing. It doesn't work. From what I see with other gimbals is the motors do not move freely. Is this when the motors are on or off? When mine is off it move at a slight touch. When it is on it just shakes.
  • Then it is a mechanical or tuning problem. The gimbal must be well balanced on all axis, all axis must move free, basic tuning must be correctly performed, PID tuning must be correctly performed and follow/RC settings must be reasonable. Too high RC or follow speed or acceleration and the gimbal will have problems.

    It can be also broken motor etc.