Possible IMU address merged?
  • I have problem with not being able to calibrate my frame IMU. I try to select frame IMU, but the selection jumps back to camera IMU. Is it possible to accidentaly merge the frame and camera IMU address so that both IMU reports as being camera IMU? (I have activated 2 IMU:s in advanced settings). Anyone knows how to solve this problem?

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  • I can add that both IMU reports as being Camera IMU when unplugging and plugging anyone of them. Also, when plugging in both, the calibration steps freaks out and I can't even continue pressing calibrate because it is clicking like crazy.
  • Also, the jumper on the frame IMU is cut and the jumper on the Camera IMU is intact. Still calibration freaks out when both IMU:s are connected
  • Ok, the solution annoyed me a bit :) Even though there are two solder pads which the jumper is placed on that I later removed, I still had to cut underneath the blue screen print layer with a knife to remove the invisible jumper. It know works.

    Why is there even a jumper underneath when you have two perfectly fine solder pads to put a real jumper on?