8-bit dies randomly
  • Hi, friends.

    I have yet another problem with my DIY 8-bit 2.40 b7 gimbal, this time it's something that even prevents it from working at all, and it's bothering me already so much since in two days I have an important shooting.

    Recently, I noticed during a handheld testing the gimbal suddenly “shut down” with no apparent reason. The controller was on, but there was no power on the motors. I didn't give it any importance since it was just one time, and it resumed working after it was stationary on the ground.

    But today, performing tests in flight with my octo, the gimbal just died EVERY flight at some point, around 2 or 3 min of flight. It couldn't be operated with the radio, motors were off, controller was on, it only started to work when I landed and it wasn't moving anymore. Motors didn't seem to be too hot, just like always.

    Power is 200, it's balanced, seems to hold very well, P and D are pretty normal, I think. Gyro was recalibrated before every flight.

    Recently the only changes I made to the gimbal is some follow mode tuning (but it dies in follow and normal modes...) like Expo curve, yaw offset (could this be the culprit?)... Everything else is pretty much the same as always, when it never did this. The three batteries I use for the gimbal are pretty much fine, and I use one 3 S lipo to power just the gimbal, nothing else.

    So, what do you think the problem could be, and how can I fix it? I'm going to do more testing today, if I discover something I'll explain it here.
  • Ensure all connections and visually inspect that there is nothing strange on the board. Is the board in box? if not there could easily be some conductive particles on the board.
  • Thank you.

    It seems pretty normal. The wiring seems OK. The board is in a box, I opened it, and cleaned the board with a brush.

    I'll post some photos I took, anyway, in case you can see something I don't.

    Tomorrow I'm going to fly again. We'll see if the changes I've made today fix the problem... I just hope the board isn't getting broken already.

    Anymore suggestions?
  • When it dies, is there any part hot?
  • Some motor wire soldering look a bit suspicious, The I2C connector looks like it is not fully in. But really difficult to say from the picture.
  • I checked, and I think the soldering is good, because every wire is firmly attached and is isolated from the others, and there's no sign of burning. Is that way how you evaluate good soldering?

    The l2C is the white connector at the bottom? I connected it fully in, as it was a little bit loose indeed.

    Is it an original BaseCam board, then?

    The gimbal didn't fail yesterday either. Next I'll try reenabling Follow Speed and all that, to see if it does it again... I'll comment some more then.

  • Hello,
    "Is that way how you evaluate good soldering?"
    Only take it from the case and take a photo of both sides in high resolution.
    If your motors turned off, its possible, motor drivers overheat and go into protection.
    Try to use heat sink for each motor driver.

    Board on your photo looks like Alex Mos Brushless Gimbal Electronics: http://ybex.com/d/x1sc3iju5e42b5c463r2fdocguzog2uijwp78m7h.html
    From here: http://flyduino.net/Alex-Mos-Brushless-Gimbal-BLG_1