Gimbal works perfectly... before it randomly goes crazy
  • After tuning several Alexmos Controllers and Gimbals, I got my 32bit Basecam Controller on my perfectly (thanks to you guys!) balanced gimbal. It works beautifully, I use it in Follow Mode on my copter.

    Sometimes and randomly, the gimbal goes crazy after a couple of minutes, even without moving it in any way before. It really is beautifully balanced and I seemed to rule out a balance- or vibration-problem. Firmware version is the most recent stable 2.50b3. There usually are no I2C errors.

    When the GUI is connected, it displays the Camera + Frame IMU -positions and -data. When the gimbal starts going crazy, the IMU values are no longer related to its actual position. Could it really be a software problem or possibly a bug? I tried every idea I have, without being able to solve this problem... I am already considering buying a second controller to reproduce the symptoms. I really hope you guys have any ideas!!!

    Here is a short video:

  • Maybe IMU or communication problem, Is there I2C errors when the error happens.
  • From what I saw on the video, it looked to me like your GUI had disconnected, and that is probably why the dials weren't reflecting the proper position of the gimbal anymore. It may occasionally disconnect without reflecting this on the connection button. Assuming your IMU is still functioning, the only other reason for the dials to not work is if you have somehow hit the PAUSE button on the monitoring tab.

    I can't remember seeing a gimbal just suddenly freak out after a minute of sitting there calmly, so I can't help you there.
  • omg I have exactly the same problem!
    I have two controllers and they are both doing this :(

    I see a massive amount of I2C errors when this happens.
    Like the other guy, it's balanced and tuned good and works great until... it just goes berserk!

    Please help!!!
  • You have identified the problem I2C errors. Now you need to fix it.

    There can be many reasons of I2C errors, impossible to say without better description of the problem.

    If you get all the time I2C errors, then make sure IMU wires run separately from other wires, are not too long, use ferrite rings if needed. also make sure the IMU is designed for your board. There is many different IMUs and they do not work well with all boards.

    If you get I2C errors occasionally, Maybe bad IMU wire, bad connectors, motor leaking to frame, etc.