Main motors disturb gimbal
  • Hey,

    I have a strange problem, which I cannot sort out. I have the Tiny32-board with a DYS-3-axis-gimbal attached to a DJI S800 EVO-hexacopter. The camera is a GoPro 3. I installed the board and configured it. On the ground it works perfect. Even when I move the copter around hard, the gimbal behaves like it should.

    But as soon as I take off, the gimbal starts to move around (mainly YAW-axis). I tried to strengthen motor power in SimpleBGC, but it changed nothing.

    I would like to watch the Performance while taking off via the usb port an my Notebook, but the usb port on the Tiny32-board Shows down and as soon as I attach a cable there, the camera gets in touch with the cable what makes testing impossible.

    I have ferrite rings around the cables to the Motors of the gimbal. But I vcannot put any ferrite rings around the cables to the copter's Motors, because there aren't any. The wiring is part of the genaral structure of the copter.

    Does anybody have an idea how to solve this?

    Thank you very much.

  • Do you have a sepperate battery for the gimbal?
    If not get noe.
    You could try the Bluetooth module to get readings wile inn the air.
    Also forget toroids on the craft motor leads.
    If it comes to that something Else i wrong
    Like your placememt
  • Hi Mrimstad,

    I have a separate battery for the gimbal. And I just got a Bluetooth module a couple of minutes ago. It does not connect yet, but this is just a matter of minutes (I hope!).

    What are toroids? Is this the same like ferrite-rings?

    What can it be else??? I2C Errors, which occur only when the craft Lifts?
  • Wow, sry working with another project here. Ofc i ment ferrite rings.. Lol
    Thats what you want the bt module for. connect and look for errors :)
  • Hello Lemmi,

    Have you some pictures from your S800 EVO / Gimbal setup ?
    And have you a link to which Tiny board you are using ?

    Most DYS sensors and mainboards are open and this can be one of the problems.
    The magnetic field from the main motors, can give a lot of noise to the Magnet/Compass sensor.
    For sure during the Take of, because of the power the main motors will use.

  • I go out for a testflight this afternoon. I changed the power settings a little and one other thing: I had the frame IMU below YAW. But in the description I saw, that it should be above. Maybe this changes something. I tried a short hover and it seemed better.
  • Minor changes but medium success. It's not gone completely and yaw is still rotating. But I can handle it with the knob on my TX. That would habe been impossible before. Seems to be the right path.

    To be continued...
  • Hi Marten, I have a DJI Hexacopter. The only thing from DYS are the motors and the gimbal itself. The electronics are a original Tiny32 board. Now I have a bluetooth dongle attached, which does not connect. :-(
  • I know that some time ago bluetooth modules had to be programed to work with 32bit boards.
    I am not however sure if this is still the case. Think they made some fw changes wich made the process obsolite.

    The s800 evo is not a particulary noisy frame design and the imu should not be influensed by emi or emf if its underslung and fedd from its own power source, saying it cant happen would be ignorant however.

    I would start checking gimbal sensor wires, particulary thoose who go trough motors if any of them do.