My first Gimbal
  • Hello from Canary Islands,

    I'm Steadicam operator and I'm into the design of a gimbal with SimpleBGC 32 bit with encoders with two purpose, to ride in my steadicam and to be used like remote head in a crane. The weight of camera max 30kg.
    Here I go with the questions.

    What is the most powerful gimbal motor in the market?
    The motors can work with reduction? (In case that not support the total of weight)
    Can I move all axis continuous 360 degrees?
    Is it possible work with a joystick like "http://www.apem.com/Premium-fingertip-Hall-effect-joysticks-v9-d-119.html"
    Is it possible work wired?

    Thanks in advance
  • Reduction gear has its problems, I have not tested much, but suppose 1:4 works, 1:40 not so.

    Strong enough direct driven motors do not exist Commercial off-the-shelf, but I have made some that could work. 30 kg camera though is really heavy and would require a gimbal that weight about the same or even more. And the cost go high up with the camera weight, and there is also safety concerns because of high moving mass/inertia and powerful motors.

    Continuous 360 is possible, but I see no point for continuous Pitch and Roll and anyway continious rotation makes things much more complicated. The gimbal probably would use encoders.

    The Joystick is ok, wired or wireless. for wired use the 3.3 V analog version or resistors are needed to adjust the voltage levels (the analog output needs to be 0 to 3.3 V). Wireless would require a bit more electronics.

  • Yes, it has well known but difficult to implement camera trough Roll axis design. It makes the gimbal compact and strong and light weight. Apparently they have found a good solution for the Camera trough Roll.

    It looks like build for handheld work and to be used in follow mode. A crane probably would require a bit different construction for the outer axis and more power on them.