came tv 8000 gimbal spinning and shaking
  • out of the box brand new , balanced it worked fine , it was Little drifting and sometime it shake due to some camera moves , so i tried to fix it my self by plugging the usb and adjusting and tweaking in SimpleBGC , but somehow i lost all my setting and profile is all mixed , is there anything you can do to help me guys pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase , i have tried to adjust the PID but it seems like a brain surgery to me , is it there in profile that i can download and uploaded to the gimbal ? or any tutorial or anything ? thank you
  • If you have lost all settings you need to reperform basic tuning. see the users manual. (See above, Manuals)

    Or maybe someone could send you a working profile or EEPROM file, but you probably anyway need to perform IMU calibration... best really to perform the tuning as per the users manual. Takes some patience and careful following of the instructions, but gets easier on next time and then you can tune it for different cameras and lenses.

    For future reference, it is good to save profiles and EEPROM to file before making changes. that way you can always go back to the original.

  • pleaaaase im having the same problem , it was drifting litlle when i bought it , so i tried to adjust it , and i lost all my setting now its been few months never used it
    please let me know how it wen for you , i tried everything never got it working perfectly
    heeelp ;(