Pitch jumps / twitches away from level, then slowly goes back to level - endlessly

  • Board v3.0, firmware v2.50 b2 (GUI v2.50 b2). Purchased last month from RCTimer. Powered from UBEC @ 12V and or just USB - Cycle time: 800 I2C errors: 0

    As you can see enabling a bit of Adaptive PID simmers it down a bit. Anyone?

  • Hello,
    Please, take a video where it will be visible and the work gimbal and GUI.
  • I have exactly the same problem. No matter how many calibrations I do, it still does the "twitch jump" just before it levels. My gimbal is balanced, and snag free. It should be noted it does this for both pitch and roll. I have a tiny32.
  • PID's have no effect, and power has no effect.
  • What gimbal is that, how many axis, what firmware, what exactly is the problems?

    Sounds like a basic setup is not correctly performed, but could be also something else.
  • i have the same problem any solutions ? i have a 3 axis gimbal with 2.4b8 firmware here's a video and settings
  • Could be a lot of things. Can you put some weight on it? You've got a lot of power for nothing on it at all, and because there is no weight on it, it isn't balanced. Once you do that, try turning the power to zero on two axes and play with it until you get the third working.

    When you get to that stage, maybe try checking/unchecking the invert boxes.