help with yaw not centering on 32-bit board!!
  • hi, please help...i have spent so much time tuning this board i think am going to lose my mind!! I have it almost perfect except the YAW wont always center for some reason.....sometimes it will be centered fine, and then I move the copter around its yaw axis (am using FOLLOW YAW) it follows the frame fine, but sometimes it stops half way and stays there off center!!! i have tried swapping motors and many times 6-point calibrations of both camera and frame IMUs and no luck.....anyone has any ideas please?
  • Did you try different speed settings and expo? To centre the yaw is done with offset. Without the well documented pot modification you need to make sure to centre the yaw before power-up. Than it should center every time unless of course it misses steps if you spin your copter too fast.
  • i'm getting the same with my Arris cm3000 PRO I'm new to gimbal tuning though.
  • yea playign with offsets doesnt seem to help....like I said, most of the times it will hold center just fine (relative to frame) but sometimes it loses it and just wonders around and it hardly ever finds center again....very frustrating. I am reading people suggest using encoders for this issue?
  • Hello,
    imrj, check balance of YAW axis. And try increase POWER parameter.
  • I was going to suggest that too. it looks like the yaw motor does not have enough power. It is difficult to balance yaw axis and if the gimbal gets off level position it can take a lot of power to hold the yaw if the gimbal is not balanced properly for yaw.
  • I have encoders, and I have the same problem.