ROLL going 45 degrees on power up
  • Hello,

    When I power my gimbal, the ROLL does not do auto level with the horizon, instead, it goes to 45 degrees and stays there as if it got leveled properly. I already did the ACC and GYRO calibrations properly through the GUI. And when it is stable, the GUI shows me 45 degrees on the ROLL, so the sensor is working properly.


    v2.2 b2

    What can I do?
  • Anyone?
  • Please check the RC settings Tap and see if there is nothing selected at the Roll axis.
    If there is a selection with a PWM or a Analog input and you haven't connected anything to this...
    The axis will react like yours.

    A other option is to check you motor direction.
    Te easiest way is to use the AUTO button in the Basic Tap -> Motor Configuration.
    Make sure to fill in the number of MotorPoles manual !