• Hi, I tried T 1(0) and T 1(1) but every time starting video record .

    I use sony Nex 5R and this shutter ( http://www.flytron.com/rc-camera-shutters/200-sled-sony-rc-shutter.html )

    What can ı do ?

  • same problem here.
    i try with T16(0) and T16(1) and put servo in aux1
    servo travel just a little with (1) and do nothing with (0), then repeat.. so servo only run one side and dont rewind.
    (-1) is not alowed...
  • Hello what is it T? You use direct script or Rmotion script?
  • For FlyTron here are the settings:

    The shutter accepts standard RC PPM signals. If you can generate it with an arduino servo library, you can control it.
    Continuous 1500us pulses (22.5ms refresh time) is the idle mode.(Center of the RC transmitter sticks) and +- 300us sides are shutter/video modes.
    For the first tests please use your transmitter or servo tester to eliminate setup problems. Then replace with your arduino.