motor heat vs power settings
  • Hi,
    I have found for my setup that I get best results with my YAW motor with the following settings:
    P:12, I:.15, D:60 and a power of 230

    the problem is that the YAW motor gets quite hot after using for ~ :30 minutes.

    I have tried lots of settings and this is the most stable I've found.

    is this symptomatic of the motor being too weak or is there something I can do with my settings to help?
    for example:
    doubling the P value and cutting the power to 115?

  • it is an indication of too weak motor. You could try to compact the gimbals, shorten tubes, reduce weight etc. this makes it easier for motors, or simply change bigger motor.

  • ok, will look into upgrading a motor.
  • hello,
    you can also apply more power if your using 2-3S move to 4S battery.
  • That would help, but whizpop mentioned that the motor was already getting hot. Might be though necessary with the new motor to raise voltage to get the full power.