roll & pitch follow is inverted when in upside-down mode
  • when using my gimbal in upside-down mode, the follow pitch and roll movements are inverted.
    any ideas?
  • How did you initiate the upside down mode? what FW?
  • powering up the device with the frame inverted and camera not inverted.
    using r3
  • it seems to be mostly the pitch that is affected. I have a frame imu (above yaw) I am using the Follow PITCH,ROLL follow mode @ 15deg for both. estimate frame angles from motors is disabled.
  • I meant the FW version, not board.

    You need to initialise the upside down. With button or set up the auto upside down at advanced.
  • yes, I was referring to the FW version 2.50r3 and I have the auto upside down enabled in advanced tab.
    I have not tried to associate upside-down mode with button, because I do not have easy access to the button when using the gimbal.

    I just saw that there is v2.50b4 released that address follow in lock mode(when steps are missed) but that does not sound like it will address the pitch moving in an inverted manner...
  • any ideas to try on this ?
  • I cant think of anything else to try... in both normal and upside-down mode the pitch follow is inverted, meaning when i tilt up it pitches down and when i tilt down it pitches up.

    if I tilt too hard it pitches a full 90 degrees and goes into lock mode.
  • You should do the basic setup again, something wrong in there, maybe the motor inverted status.
  • thats odd, everything else works properly...
    if the pitch motor was incorrectly inverted would that not cause problems with stabilization?
  • With wrong inverted the problems are strange. The gimbal can work surprisingly well with wrong inverted. They just must be correct for all motors. Only way I know to get them correct is Motor Auto and that is pretty easy. just perform it and correct pole count after.

    It can be also something else. the best way really is to do it carefully from the starts following exactly the users manual.

    It is also possible that something is corrupted in EEPROM and then Erase EEPROM helps, but destroys all settings and calibrations. Lately though I have not had EEPROM problems.
  • you were right! pitch needed to be set to inverted.

    when performing motor auto process in the past I have had ambiguous results, in which one time pitch was set as inverted and the next time it was not.

    needless to say, I have tuned the gimbal without pitch inverted and everything was fine, although there were difficulties with P and D value being abnormally high (maybe that should have been an indication)

    inverting the pitch motor corrected the follow behavior.

    thanks for your help and ideas Garug!