Yaw slipping during roll???
  • So today I figured out the yaw is slipping during rolls... Everything seems fine and the gimbal seems to do well at stabilizing until I give a roll input. This seems an odd time for the yaw to slip. Any ideas?

    Here is a video demonstrating the problem.

    Here are my PIDs


  • Could it be that my IMU isn't quite aligned with any axis? I had to make a small adapter to make my 32bit imu fit in the original spot for my 8bit imu. So the roll and yaw axis is a few millimeters off what it originally was?
  • I set my power levels before running my pid autotune. I tried setting my power levels higher but it gave me vibrations. If I set the levels higher 150-200, and then run the autotune will that lower my pids so that the higher power doesn't vibrate?
  • That is normal, higher power, lower PID, nothing wrong with that.

    It is important that there is enough power, but the motors should not get hot.

    If it is not possible to tune the gimbal with good power, then there is something else wrong.
  • Are you sure you got the pole numbers correct? If they're too small, the motors will heat up and strangeness will occur.