Gimbal does not react properly to angle change. Video on youtube "gimbal issues"
  • I am working with the 8bit on the fc200 brushless gimbal.

    The gimbal holds steady at level, but at any slight adjustment in level it reacts to compensate. This happens in all directions except one in roll and one in pitch.

    I did the advanced calibrations carefully.

    I adjusted all the P, I, and D levels and the gimbal still reacts to the change in roll or pitch the same, but in accordance to adjustments to P, I, and D, so that is good. Also, adjustments to power, and double checking invert looks good.

    Changing the gyro trust did not sort things.

    I hope i just missed something and the hardware is not damaged. I know this gimbal will be really good if i get this taken care of.

    There is a video on youtube called "gimbal issues" i posted to help explain the situation.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  • Sorry, the video is now under the name ´´gimbal issues 555´, because there are many other people in the world with other gimbal issues.
  • It would be good to provide link, just copy and paste from the address bar.
  • It is difficult to say what is wrong, but I would suspect:
    - Mechanics, does everything move freely and smoothly , is the gimbal balanced.
    - Basic setup, is it performed according the users manual?
    - is IMU well installed and aligned, and correctly in GUI configured,
    - it could be also power or PID settings.
    If all that is in god condition, them a motor could be broken,

    But so in short, basically it could be almost anything.