Yaw keeps rotating
  • I am using 32 bit board V3, firmware is 2.43b9.
    Roll and Pitch are fine,
    Yaw is also fine when in not following mode.
    Wired thing happened for Yaw following mode, after power on, the yaw keep rotating, the red dot is also rotating. I can also force it to rotate to another direction. I am not sure how to solve this problem, any suggestions are welcomed.
    Some of my questions;
    1, Does the second IMU matter? I only used one IMU attached to the camera, do I need to attach the second IMU to the YAW?
    2, Does the YAW direction power matter? Since it rotates, I assume the power is enough, but some people suggests increase the power.


  • You need to find out why it is rotating. Set it working first ok without follow activated. Make sure basic setup is well performed (motor poles/inverted, IMU correctly aligned and calibrated) Nothing will work right if this is not carefully performed.

    Make sure on RC that only channels that are used are activated, and if joystick is connected it is calibrated and enough deadband.