High Power Gimbal for Robotics
  • Hi All,
    I'm looking for some guidance in using the brushless gimbal controllers for robotics use so that I can take advantage of all the work that has been done for brushless motor position control. I need to use a water-cooled motor, around 20A per phase so I found:
    It does not seem to be available though - if I find one, is it compatible with the latest software? Has anybody water-cooled this controller (water block over the Mosfets).

    I'd like to use it maybe for a robotic arm project.

    I was aiming to use a Turnigy AquaStar T20 3T 730KV motor. Do I need to rewind? I would be running it at 6S.

    I need to have around 50kg of lifting force at 500mm (250 Nm).

    I will have encoders on all axes so I need the latest software correct?

    For me the IMU is not really needed but I would have joystick control for all 3 axes. Is that possible or would I need to use the IMU anyways and have the joystick control the IMU "offset"?

    Thanks for your help
  • You should look for other solutions, some kind of gear box is needed to get 250Nm. Servo motor and controller might be more appropriate for your application.
  • The motor will be geared down with a belt drive, somewhere between 3:1 and 6:1. I'm not worried about the torque but more the control side and power side.
  • I do not think that gear ration will be enough. Anyway, as it sounds you just want joystick control and no stabilization, why not use servos (industrial servos) and a servo controller.
  • INTERESTING ! I am also interested in this what did you decide to do? I am also working on similar project . integrated stop and encoder just like servo and hiy voltage brushless controller here