More frame IMU issues - unable to configure frame (2nd) IMU - help please
  • Both GUI and FW are 2.43b

    My 32 bit controller shipped with two identical IMUs. The documentation says to break the bridge on the 2nd (Frame) IMU to establish the proper address.

    Here is a picture of my IMU where I used a razor to break the bridge

    This IMU is never recognized in the GUI - I have it defined as "Frame IMU: above yaw"
    When I connect I see the following results:
    This IMU (with broken bridge) doesn't give any input when moved. Also, whenever I try to calibrate and click on "Frame IMU" the GUI highlights (turns blue) that selection for just a second and then flips back to "Camera IMU" - acting like it doesn't see the frame IMU.

    If I connect another IMU that hasn't had the bridge broken as the 2nd IMU
    Then whenever I move that IMU I see the movement reflected in the GUI, but this IMU would have the same address as the camera IMU.
    Also, when I click on "Frame IMU" it behaves exactly like the other one - highlights the selection and then flips back.

    So, it looks like neither of these IMUs (one with broken bridge, one without) is being "seen" as the Frame IMU and only the one with the same address as the camera IMU will provide any input.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  • What board is that (manufacturer) how long are you IMU cables, how are they routed? Try setting it to work with shorter cables. Some Setups are sensitive to cable lengths. (they all are but some are more)
  • Garug,
    Thanks for the reply. Let me try to answer these questions.

    I am including information on two different controllers purchased from the same source. One seems to work fine and the other one does not.

    My last two controllers were purchased from the same eBay vendor about 2 weeks apart. They have the same description and price, but they are different. The first board (the one I am currently dealing with - says SBGCv3.02) pictures are below. As you can see, these "small" IMU red/white/green/black cables both connect to the controller and have the "small" connectors. The longest cable (IMU #1 - camera - works fine) is 53 centimeters. The shorter cable is 43 centimeters and will read the 2nd IMU if it hasn't had the address bridge altered. At no time when I click on the calibrate frame IMU will the GUI allow me to do that - it always switches back to camera IMU - like it doesn't know the 2nd IMU is present.

    The 2nd controller - says SBGCv3.0 - purchased from the same source about 2 weeks later - as you can see from the pictures is somewhat different. It has the larger, flat, black IMU cables with larger connectors and the IMUs are serially attached. THIS CONTROLLER BEHAVES EXACTLY AS EXPECTED. It allows me to calibrate either the camera IMU or the frame IMU. The two IMUs came already addressed and are physically different from the IMUs that came with the earlier (non working) controller. It also has the beeper where the first controller does not.

    I just offered the information on the second controller as a FYI. It is planned for a different gimbal. I need to finish the current gimbal before starting the second one, so I really need to figure out how to get this current controller working properly if at all possible.

    All of the boards I currently have (7 total) have "basecamelectronics" printed somewhere on them, but I'm not sure that really means anything as there seems to be a lot of people stamping out these controllers and it is impossible for me to tell who the actual manufacturer is by just looking at the board.

    I think I'll need to order some more cables if I am going to try out different lengths. Unfortunately I can't swap the flat black (working) cables with the red/white/green/black cables as the connectors are different.

    Thanks again, and please let me know if you see anything that I should be aware of.
  • You could try ferrite rings, shorter cables etc. But rally the best solution would be to get this http://www.basecamelectronics.com/simplebgc32bit/

    They work and are supported. Will save you a lot of time.

    If the board is from ebay, then there is big possibility it is a copy.
  • OK Thanks for the input. I agree that I probably have a counterfeit copy and that is likely my problem. Live and learn...
  • FYI, i am dealing with the same problem and the whole lot was purchased here from Basecameleteonics.com yet still not working...

    Shame. My only hope is the custumer support if is any!
  • Have you contacted them via support?

    By you problem description above it is not possible to even guess what could be reason for your problems.

    could be installation, setup, gimbal, motors, routing cables, broken board, connectors, cable or IMUs and probably many other reasons too.
  • Yeah, just did. Hoping for the best, as they are quite nice at customer support.

    I can rule out the cable but have to say the IMU splitter came broken so that might damage the FRAME IMU (or even the board???)

    Setup could be cos I am not sure about of the position on secound IMU. It is above YAW in identical direction as the CAMERA IMU.

    Motors are fine too, as when I only have 1 IMU connected, the system works flawlessly.

    If its damage to any of the boards, I cant tell at the moment!

    Well, we'll see.

  • If it is working fine with 1 IMU, then it is not that many thing that could be wrong. It is not gimbal or board related, it still can be IMU and setup related.

    - the address jumpers need to be set correctly. Note you really need to cut it open.
    - Long cables can be a problem, especially if they run close to other cables.
    - IMU splitter of course needs to be ok, or the cable will not work. (unless you solder the cables)
    - both IMUs need to be calibrated and directions and position set up correctly. See also the advanced Tab.
    - never connect or disconnect IMUs when the power is on.