Camera only points down, sensors,pids all fine. HELP!
  • Due to my lack of patiense i went ahead and retired the old 8bit board.
    Just got in the door exited with the new dys 32 bit card.
    All nice in plastic case.

    Mounted it all, sett the correct imu axes (everything is acting perfect in gui)
    Did the 6axis calibration
    Sett power, and did a quick auto tune.
    Gimbal seems to work fine!
    Only one problem, The cammera points downwards! even points down in the gui so i know its not settings.
    Tried fidling with offsets nothing makes a change.
    this is 2.43b9 checked that it is a genuin card, its own s/n everything.
    This is just frustrating the hell out of me.
  • Turning motor on/off in gui, the cammera starts to go towards horizen, but then backs down slowly again halfway there..

  • Ok i found the mistake..
    So for anyone having this issue. Turns out my card had analog checked on pitch input.
    back to rc-pwm and everything is fine.
  • Thanks for pointing this out. They should remove this from as the default. In v2.50 b2 it is still like this. Same exact problem, pointed down weird vibrated, etc. Drove me nuts too. I was using three BGM4108-130 and 2 IMU's and the DYS BLG3SN (keywords in case anyone is searching)