Roll offset Issue
  • I'm trying to straighten the horizon on my Nebula 4000 gimbal by changing the Roll offset numbers in the 'Follow' tab, after both gyro and acc calibration. The sensor appears to be slightly slanted and not completely flush with the base plate so perhaps the slanted horizon is caused by the slanted sensor. This could possibly be fixed by shimming the sensor. I may be wrong but it's my understanding I can adjust the angle through the software by changing the offset….much more precise than a shim. I've used offset on other gimbals built from scratch....worked as expected.

    In any case there seems to be a communication failure between the board and both the Basecam App and Basecam PC software. This is my real dilemma. There is not a bluetooth connection issue. The bluetooth is connected and the software sees the board, evidenced by the information appearing in the ‘monitor’ tab.

    Somehow the corrections I make in software will not transfer to the board. Every time I change the numbers and click the write tab in the PC software the gimbal moves as if it has accepted the number input but the horizon does not change…when click OK in the app version of the software nothing happens and the numbers reset. The board will not accept the roll offset input from either version of the software.

    I'm running Simple BGC v2.43 b9. The board firmware is 2.40 b6

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks, Mike
  • Hello Mike,

    It looks your board is a 8-bit version and you are now using a 32-bit GUI !
    (A 32-bit board starts with firmware 2.40b8 or higher)
    You need to download this GUI:
    Here the manual:

    All other 8-bit info/downloads: http://www.basecamelectronics.com/downloads/8bit/
    The most resent firmware is 2.40b7, I will suggest to download this one and upgrade your board.
    I think if you have done this, all your problems will be solved.

    Good luck :-)

  • Hi Marten,

    Thanks for that. But after changing the GUI to 2.40 b6 and b7 I still can't make it take the roll offset input.

    Also cannot get it to take input from the Basecam App. The dealer I bought from does not recommend I change the firmware, possible warranty issue. I'm sure they will take it back but I'd rather try to figure it out.

    Any other suggestions anyone!
  • Hello Mike,

    Have you uploaded the newest 2.40b7 Firmware to your board ?

    A other thing you can try, is to disconnect your Bluetooth module and make only a connection with your PC.
    Or is this working without any problems ?
    If not:
    Make sure you have installed the correct driver for your board:

    One of this day's I have to upgrade a 8-bit board from a good friend.
    I will see what happens with the newest firmware and the BaseCam App.