DYS GoPro alex mos 8 bit - rolling during yaw
  • Hi, I'm running gui v2.3 and firmware 2.3b5 because I saw a video, recently, that said that firmware was the most stable for flight. This is the DYS GoPro gimbal with Alex Mos 8bit board.

    The issue I'm having is that the gimbal rolls during pan - input from control or follow. I read to change the max angles in the follow mode but I'm not 100% sure I did it right, or it just didn't work. All radio trims are centered, almost complete fresh flash, minus suggested PIDs.

    I want to mostly run without follow mode because someone else will run the camera and I don't want my piloting to affect the camera, but when I turn, the roll initializes. I will do the 6 axis calibration and see how this goes, but can someone suggest a REAL GOOD way to do this and what is really required?

    Sorry if I'm asking a common question but I read and did everything I can. Is purchasing a 32bit system worth it?
  • I have a GoPro DYS 3axis gimbal with and I managed to tune it properly eventually. As a matter of fact my initial issue was that over a certain angles of inclination the roll axis was trembling disturbing the yaw axis too. After I fed signal from the FC (APM - Arducopter 3.2) the angles increased drastically . Watch the first part of this video, my opinion is instead of purchasing a 32bit version try to connect your Alexmos board to the flight controller. In my video, the yaw axis is in follow mode (a few degrees of freedom):

    Your specific problem with the yaw affecting the roll axis might be related to the need of an 6 axis calibration.