Help needed with yaw axis
  • Hi there!
    I'm totally stuck with my yaw axis problem. I tried everything to get a smooth yaw to follow my gimbals motion. My gimbal is perfectly balanced and roll/pitch works very well. I'm using the alexmos 32 bit board with 2 IMU:s and i'm 99 percent sure about i did all the basic settings/mounting correct. The thing is, whatever i do my yaw won't folllow my motions when i'm moving my gimbal from side to side. It's stuck in the middle. Sometimes the yaw "wakes Up" and follow with a lot af shaking. It feels like the motor stick to it's poles, it,s not smooth. I tried to invert the motor, invert the rc settings etc etc. I use a joystick and with that i can move the yaw motor smoothly. Could the motor be broken? I tried all kind of pid- settings and i'm have the some problem with autotuning as my own settings. I'm using a Hifly gimbal along with my 5D mk III. Could someone with a working yaw axis give me some settings to try out? As i said my r/p works perfectly. I read hundreds of forum threads to find a solution, now I ask you guys to help me.
    Thanx in advance.
  • It could be that you have broken yaw motor, measure the resistance of each phase, it should be about the same.

  • Hi there, I changed motor. I don´t know if the motor was broken but I changed it anyway. It still feels like the motor "stick to it poles" and it causes vibrations. How do you guys tweak your Jaw axis to move smoothly?
  • For my Canon 7D I'm using a 8017 90T motor which feels good and it gets enough reserve.
    Don't forget, the Yaw motor has to move all the weights from the Gimbal !

    My Gimbal was included with a three 6208H 180T motors.
    For the Yaw it didn't feel good to me and I've ordered this upgrade:
    Motor cage:
    And this motor:

    With this upgrade, I can use my BlackMagic Cinema Camera without any Yaw problems :-)
    And this camera only weight 1Kg more as a Canon 7D.
    Here a short video: https://copy.com/JcpDPLBDCnJD6FWa

  • Thanx alot Marten!
    But i dont think my motors to weak. I ordered a new board now. Hope the new one works for me. Could you please share your alexmos 32 bit settings. It would be nice to compare them to my own.

    Thanx in advance!
  • Do you have a link or a picture from your HiFly Gimbal or tell us what for motors you are using.
    Without this info, it's hard to support you.
  • Ok, i Will post a short movie tomorrow at work. Thanx in advance.
  • And which motors are you using ?
  • My PID settings will not help you with your 5208 Yaw motor.
    It's totally different as my setup.

    How "perfectly" is your Yaw axis balanced ?
    A little out of balance or bad bearings will also create your problem.
    Or if the motor is to weak, it can't correct the new position "in time" and will missing steps.

    A other big difference with my Yaw motor are the motor poles.
    The 8017 90T motor has 28 Poles and your 5208 motor has 14 Poles.
    (More Poles means smaller steps from the motor, which make it more smooth)
  • I am using both 14 and 42 step motors (GB54 and GB85/90) they are much different motors every way, and they are used in different gimbals, but the 14 pole GB52 is smoother. GB90 has many times the tongue and is smooth in normal operation, but have minor jitter at some at some joystick movement speeds.

    The Turnigy HD 5208 looks really small for 5D gimbal yaw. I do not think it has enough power for good operation.

    For handheld gimbals in generally it is better to have too powerful motor, one can always tune the power down.
  • Ok! I Will buy a new motor. Do you think i need to buy a new one for my roll/Pich also? Where do you guys buy gimbal parts? Could you please share a lin? I need a case aswell. My frame is made from 25mm carbon. Thanx for your kindness!
  • Hi I odered a GB85 motor for yaw axis. What do you think about that?
  • That will have enough power if you run it 4S even at 3S, no reason to run higher voltage.
  • Nice choice Mathias :-)
    With a 3S LiPo it will be fine, I'm running my Gimbal also with a 3S without any problems.

    I will suggest you to order also a new GB85 motor cage for your Gimbal.
    Like this one:
    This motor cage is mechanical "plug and play" for your Gimbal.
    A motor cage will give your Gimbal less vibrations and makes it stronger.
  • Thanx alot! I bought this cage, hope it Will work; http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32243796886.html . What kind of gimbals/parts/motors do you have?
  • I've ordered this complete Gimbal two months ago:

    I'm using the same Yaw motor cage like you've ordered, only with a iFlight 8017 90T motor.
    My Roll and Pitch are both with a 6208H 180T motor.
    This configuration feels very good to me and mostly I'm using the Gimbal UpSideDown.
    (Camera at top)

    About your Gimbal:
    You have to be noticed that this motor cage has a different motor-mount. (four holes and not three holes)
    So I think you need to drill 4 holes in your Yaw Motor_Adapter_Plate. (Motor -> HandBar connection)
    I hope your Yaw motor_adapter_plate is not to small for this upgrade !
    Otherwise I will suggest to swap your order with the MV025 motor cage.
  • Looks like a great gimbal to Me. Is The carbon bars 25mm in your gimbal? The bar wich is connected to The yaw motor cage is it also 25mm? No problem to drill som more Holes or change adapter-plate. Tomorrow i Will get my new board. Then i will se if The older one was broken or not. PS: I looked at your short video, seams like you really got a smooth yaw axis with your settings. Hope a mine Will work like that in the end. :-) Thanx for all support, hope i can help you with something in the future ;-)
  • You welcome ;-)

    Yes, all carbon used with this Gimbal is 25mm :-)
    I hope both boards are fine so you have one board as a back-up.
    And yes, the Yaw axis is very smooth, even with a heavier BMCC :-)
  • But do think the problem with my setup is the yaw-motor? Of course it's hard to you answering that question. I get back here when i get the gears and tested them on my gimbal. Cheers!
  • Yes I'm still sure it's the Yaw motor.
    It's to weak for your 5D set.

    I've (since today) here almost the same Gimbal like yours for reparation/upgrading reason.
    I've to fix some mechanical things (Balancing) and some electronic and firmware upgrade things.
    The owner was telling me the same thing like you, the Yaw wasn't smooth with his Canon 7D.
    OK there is a difference... this Gimbal is still using a 8-bit 3-axis board.

    BTW, there is a other option to check your motor-output...
    You can swap in the GUI by Advanced settings the motor-outputs to different axis.
    So in the GUI you can set the Pitch function to the Yaw-output and the Yaw function to the Pitch-output.
    Don't forget to do the same with the motor-cables ! :-)
    If the Pitch is working fine, your Yaw motor-output is fine.
  • OK, thanx alot! Hope it will work. And i will test switching the motor output. I will post here when I have tested the new setup.
  • I again guys! I installed the new board today and finally everything works pretty good. It's embarrasing to say but i think i installed the frame-IMU on my older board the wrong way. What i can see the Z-axis differs on the IMUs. That was the problem. Anyway It may be good to install that larger Yaw motor i bought. Thanx for the support - happy shooting!