Running shots PID settings advice
  • Hey everyone. My gimbal is running pretty dang well. When im just walking smoothly I get very nice images. The only things I notice are slight up and down movement. Need to work on walking ofcourse. I notice slight roll movements but not too bad. Nothing I cant fix in post with stabilization. Actually it perfects it. My question is
    the settings I have right now are good enough for walking, just need a little bit of fine tuning to get rid of roll slight shakes. But when I start running the gimbal starts really struggling to keep its position. The gimbal starts shaking a bit. So that tells me that I obviously need to change the settings and have a profile dedicated to running shots. Can you guys shed some light on how I should approach running shots PID settings. Like should I have higher motor power settings? Should I crank up the D settings. There has to be a rule of thumb pid setting protocol for running with a gimbal. I know with steadicam vest systems drop time is dependent on what kind of shot youre doing ie. Running or smooth shots.

    Thank u guys. Hope to hear from someone. :)
  • Running should not need any different settings. Make sure the gimbal is well balanced.
  • Well, i'd be curious about having a bit more power. I can imagen it'll absorb the shocks better. So far, ive also had pretty perfect settings for slow and smooth moves, but running it not really ideal. Obviously its also an operating thing, and when possible i try to use a bike (or even a car)

    however, it wouldnt surprise me that this running issue is the difference between buying an alexmos based gimbal and a more expensive one like the moza, ronin or movi.
  • Yes, I think power and motor speed* helps when running, or any sudden movements like on this video.

    See the handles when driving at the field (0:20) that is the gimbal handle shaking. This is a very strong gimbal for the installed GH4 camera.

    It also helps that this gimbal is very strong mechanically (and because of that somewhat heavy) The weight also helps to smooth any sudden movements.

    A picture about the installation here: http://www.levitezer.com/styled-2/blog-2/index.html

    *about speed, 8 bit board could not correct well sudden movements, 32 bit board is much better, 32 bit board with encoders and high voltage and I can not really outperform the gimbal handheld. The above gimbal is with encoders.