high frequency noise
  • why does it make a high frequency noise and how do i get rid of it?
  • what board you have? 8bit? look the advanced tab, motor PWM frequency.
  • yes it is an 8 bit. what do i look for in the PWM?
  • high/silent
  • ok, i'll go try that. thanks
  • ok, i played with it for a few hours today, but i'm not seeing how to set the pwm. can't find anything in the manual either.
  • Did you look Advanced tab?? it is hard to miss. Timings - PWM Frequency - HIGH(Silent)

    Unless you have some very old GUI/FW that did not have this, on that case you should update the FW if it is a legitimate board and if not you should get a legitimate board.
  • yes, there it is. as you say, obvious. i'm surprised it didn't bite me. thanks
  • It was very helpful for me also. Thank you Garug!