How is max acceleration set?
  • In Scripting, there are the following two variables:
    - ACC_LIMIT_P (also _R and _Y) [acceleration limit] with not stated limit
    - SPEED_P (also _R and _Y) [speed limit] with a maximum value of 2000

    Changing those variables during scripting, greatly changes the speed of the gimbal when changing angles. But those changes only exist for the duration of the script.

    My question is, what is the ACC_LIMIT_P and SPEED_P when not in script, during normal operation? If there is one, can it be changed? Or is there no speed limit and acceleration is controlled by the PIDs and the Power setting?

    P.S. I also see an Acceleration Limit under RC, but I assume that is for how fast you want the gimbal to accelerate while under RC control. What I'm asking about is the acceleration that is applied in response to frame movement while trying to stabilize the camera.