Upgrading Camera Tray
  • hey guys, I have an iFlight G10 gimbal. It's a cheaper knockoff but it's all carbon fiber, has 5208-200T motors on all three axes, and I bought a 32-bit dual-IMU basecam controller for it. My problem is with the camera mount. It just clamps onto a tube in the front of the gimbal, which means to adjust roll I have to loosen 4 screws, slide it over a millimeter or two (without letting the weight of the camera spin the clamp), tighten the screws, check balance, and repeat. It's a nightmare, even though I'm only mounting a BMPCC with a LUMIX 12-35mm lens. Anybody have experience modifying this for easier adjustment, maybe by replacing the rod in front to a flat tray or something? There's gotta be an upgrade path other than replacing the whole frame, right?
  • http://www.iflight-rc.com/g10-3-axis-brushless-handheld-gimbal.html

    That's the gimbal, you can see the mount in the pictures.
  • The best way to find the correct level, is to fine-tune with the motor/top side....

    I think you can mount the camera side to the max upper level.
    When you have tighten the screws from this side, you can start levelling at the top side (motorclamp)
    During levelling I let face the camera up- or downwards.
    This way, the camera will not spin any more without any upgrade :-)
  • Are you talking about adjusting pitch or roll? I have no issues adjusting for pitch because the camera plate has a fine forward/backward adjustment and I can adjust the top side of the camera mount at the pitch motor to get dynamic balance. My issues is specifically with roll. I can't adjust on the front side without affecting the camera's orientation on the front tube, and I can't adjust on the back side at the roll motor without letting the whole u-shaped bottom half of the gimbal spin in the rear clamp.
  • A sorry, My mistake... I was talking about the Pitch.

    Next time I think it's better to spent some more money for a good gimbal.
    I've ordered this gimbal last month:

    Today I've tested my new BMCC 2.5K including a Samyang 14mm VDSLR lens and this gimbal didn't get any problems with the more weights.
    The only thing what I've changed, that's the Yaw motor.
    It's now this motor: http://www.iflight-rc.com/ipower-gbm8017-120t.html
  • I am aware that spending more money equals a better gimbal, but I couldn't afford anything more. Does anyone else have ideas on how to improve the gimbal I have?
  • go to famoushobby.com and search under gimbal accessories. You will find a craddle that is amazing.