Help identifying this controller version
  • I am confused regarding the card I purchased. When I connect the GUI version 2.40b7 (I also installed Firmware 2.40b7) the GUI says this is the Version 1.0 controller. It came with the 3rd axis controller card and one IMU. I can't find a photo that looks like this card, so finding the correct documentation has been a problem. Also, I assume it is an 8 bit controller, but it has all three of the outputs (pitch, roll, yaw) on the card... Currently I have it working (somewhat) in pitch and roll, but I haven't been able to see any yaw correction yet - like there is no output to the yaw motor. I have the yaw motor connected to the separate controller card and the card has a solid green light when I power it up. I am including pictures of both sides of the controller for reference. Thanks in advance. Any help with identifying this particular card will help me as I search for wiring diagrams and other documentation.