Mini BGC v3.1 firmware problem
  • Hi

    I have just received a Mini BGC v3.1 for HobbyKing. I can't find any docuumentation or software for it on the site, so have tried the SimpleBGC GUI which did work until I tried to check the firmware version. I cannot connect to the board now.

    How do I reload the firmware please?
    I cannot see a 'jumper' on the board to force the bootloader as the manual for the SimpleBGC suggests.

    Is there any documentation available for the Mini BCG

    This is quite frustrating! Thanks.
  • What board is that? a link would help. If the GUI/auto update does not work, then there is something wrong with the board/GUI/Drivers installation or it is not legitimate BaseCam board.
  • Here's a link to the board:


    The GUI software recognises the usb/com driver and shows 'COM3', but I still can't connect.

    From the description:
    HobbyKing is Proud to offer the officially licensed Quanum Micro AlexMos BGC, powered by Basecam. This is not some cheap copy with unsupported hacked software. It was designed from the Ground up by AlexMos using quality components and a 4 layer PCB design (unlike Clones), each pre-loaded with Alexmos boot-loader and firmware, and is fully supported and updatable via the Basecam software.
  • That looks like 8 bit board, did you load a 8 bit FW, note also they say "**full support for the latest 2.3 Firmware updatable from the Basecam software." Latest 8 bit FW is though 2.40b7. Maybe Hobbyking could provide some support...
  • Success! You're right Garug - it is an 8 bit board. I ended up using XLoader to install the firmware. I think the problem was I was trying to install 32bit firmware that broke it.

    All good now - many thanks. Just the setup to do as the gimbal is constantly 'wobbling' at the moment, but at least I can connect to it.
  • Just a thought - do you know a good set of starting values for PID and Motor Power please?
  • At this point it would be good to read the users manual, it has plenty of good info on it.

    It is very important to perform the basic setup detail as described in users manual, taking shortcuts probably just means need to return to the start.

    There is no simple answer to good starting values, it all depends of the gimbal and camera installed on it.
  • Can someone please point me to the actual users manual for the Quanum Micro BGC V3.1? I need to know exactly what the wires in the 3DR connector do and how to hook them up. Also A0, A1, A2, and A3 - I need to know exactly how to hook these up on my aircraft. Thank you so much for your help!!