• Hi guys,
    I cannot find any command in the scripting language reference to loop my command.
    Lets say loop it for 2hrs? or until i stop the script?
  • There is no such command. Note, that scripting language is not a programming language. Its more like G-code for CNC or 3D printers.
  • Thanks alexmos! I guess I have to copy and paste my scripts several times as I am using this script to do burn-in tests for my gimbal.
    So any more efficient method or codes that are going to be added into this scripting language?
  • I also strongly request this feature, I want to mount the gimbal on a tripod and do it's own pan and tilt regularly. Will be awesome to just write RESTART and the code to be executed again.

    Thank you
  • I was thinking about simple loops using "GOTO" statement but it requires local variables and mathematical operations as a minimum.