What kind of wire / connector used for dual IMUs into 32bit board
  • A few of the 4 wires connected to one of the IMU's has frayed off. Where can I get a replacement cable? It is the b32 basecam IMU card (one of them is fine). All the i2c cables I see on the Internet look a little different, or the image isn't big enough for me to see if they will fit. All I really need is a connector with wires already in it that I can solder to the end (after cutting off the bad connector).
  • I will suggest you, don't resolder this cables !
    It's better to order a complete new cable.
    IMU's are very sensitive for interference from outside and the soldering can make it more weak.

    If you are looking for a black coloured cable, I think it's better to get in contact where you have ordered your 32-bit controller.
    They can hopefully deliver the black cables separate.

    Otherwise, there are enough on-line shops, how can deliver the 4-coloured cables in different lengths.
  • Thanks MdG_NL, but I spent at least an hour looking for those cables. I don't know where this gimbal was bought. My friend bought it and (you won't be surprised) put it in the wrong hands. Can you suggest anywhere in the U.S. where I might get this cable? I don't see the cables listed separately anywhere.
  • Here a U.S. shop: https://aerialpixels.com/product-category/gimbals/accessories/page/2/

    I hope this helped you :-)

    Otherwise try to search whit these words: simplebgc imu cable
  • I thought I checked everyone! Thanks MdG_NL. They don't seem to have that exact dual cable, but I think soldering one end to the other will be fine. I'll add a ferrite core to be safe ;) THANKS AGAIN! Much appreciated.
  • You Welcome and I hope you can fix it without any trouble :-)
  • Did it work ? I want to try the same thing