Nightmare with multiple Profiles
  • Hi everyone,

    So I'm getting my DesireRC 3-axis Basecam board setup on a 3-axis Grouse House Gimbal and I've got pretty much everything working the way I want it to.

    I need to have three different profiles which I can select between using the menu button:

    1. Airborne solo mode which uses follow mode
    2. Airborne dual operator mode which is exactly the same as 1 but it doesn't use follow mode and it uses RC inputs to drive the Pitch / Yaw axes
    3. Handheld mode which is similar to 1 but uses analog inputs (joystick) to drive the yaw and pitch axes.

    Individually all these settings work fine, but when trying to assign them into different profiles, that's where the problems start!

    So, I've got the working settings in Profile1 for Airborne solo mode. I now want to duplicate those settings to Profile2. So I do the following:

    1. Go to 'Save...' and save a copy of the current profile settings.
    2. Change the profile to Profile2 and click 'Write'.
    3. Go to 'Load...' and select the saved profile file and click 'Open'. This populates all the values in the GUI correctly.
    4. I then click 'Write'.
    5. Now I want to check Profile1 again so I select it in the profiles menu, click Write, and then this happens!


    What the?! Why is Profile1 now completely corrupted whilst Profile2 is fine? This has really stopped me in my tracks as I can't get my multiple profiles set up so I can't proceed with the rest of my testing ...

    Any thoughts on why this is happening would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,

  • It is difficult to say from video what has happened. What you describe should not corrupt profile 1., but remember you have to press write in profile 1 when it is ready. Save saves the profile to HD. Write writes it to board.

    You could now open profile 1 and load and write the saved profile 1. does it work then?
  • Hi Garug, thanks for your prompt reply!

    I'm not quite sure I follow your suggestion ... at the moment I've got a profile saved to my HD with settings that work. If I load these into a profile position (eg. Profile1 or Profile2 from the drop-down menu) and hit Write then that Profile works fine – but then the previous Profile position becomes corrupted, and restarting / power-cycling the board does nothing to remedy the corrupt nature of the profile ... it's bizarre! It's almost like the software doesn't like having duplicate profiles stored on the board?

    Many thanks for your help,

  • Duplicated profiles are no problem. I always load the same basic profile to all 5 profiles (though I usually use only 2 or 3 profiles.)

    When you say the profile gets corrupted, is the data corrupted in the user interface, what data changes?

    What firmware are you using? is this 8 or 32 bit board?
  • Hi Garug,

    The only reason I think it's corrupted is that the gimbal starts going nuts as soon as I load a previously saved profile (as in the video)!

    I'm using 2.43b9 and it's a V3 32-bit board from DesireRC:


    Do you think it's worth flashing the firmware again? It definitely sounds like something is wrong as I'm not asking much of the board – just to have identical profile settings!

    Many thanks again for your prompt help :-)

  • If that is the case I think you should do erase EEPROM and maybe also re-flashing the FW. This will destroy all settings, including IMU calibration, so it needs to be re-calibrated.
  • Sounds like a good suggestion – I'll do this when I next have the gimbal to hand.

    Thanks again for your help :-)

  • Ok so now that I've managed to re-flash the FW I can return to this issue I'm having.

    Unfortunately re-flashing the firmware didn't do anything and the problem still exists :-( I've even tried using the PC GUI instead of the Mac one, but the same thing happens. The steps are:

    1. Load 'good' settings and write them to the board. The gimbal behaves fine.
    2. Change profile setting to a new, empty profile and click 'write' – gimbal wobbles around as the PIDs are at their default values.
    3. Repeat step 1.
    4. Change back to the profile which was working fine at the end of step 2 – gimbal goes berserk as shown in the video I linked to at the top of this thread :-(

    I'm at a loss how I'm meant to create duplicate profiles now as the load/save function appears to be corrupting all my profiles :-(

    Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,

  • Hello.

    At the step 2, do not press "Write". Just change a profile in drop-down list, that load good settings from a file, anfd than press "Write".

    If problem still exists, check what is corrupted in the good Profile1 after writing profile2. You can see changes in all tabs when switching profiles in drop-down list.

    Your problem is not known for 2.43b9 version, so it should be something tricky in your settings.
  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for chiming in :-)

    Unfortunately I still had no joy switching between profiles after loading settings from a file and then writing them to the board.

    I've found a way around it though by manually entering all the parameters in each Profile – now I can change between profiles without issue.

    All the problems seem to stem from using the locally stored files to populate the parameters in the GUI ...

    Many thanks for your input :-)

  • I'm having the same issue as DAvid. Would love to be able to switch profile before each flight from my Tx without the gimbal freaking out.

    Any answers out there yet?
  • If everything is setup correctly, there should not be any problems with current FW. Ensure that:

    1. The profiles you use work ok.
    2. The CMD is set so that your Tx clearly changes the profile (i.e. not between profiles value)