help: motor stopped working on birdycam
  • Help! My Varavon Birdycam gimble's motors have suddenly stopped working. I'm using SimpleBGC v2.44 b3.
    The gimbal all lights up as it should, the battery is not the problem.

    On the SimpleBGC software it is able to connect, read and write profiles, and calibrate. But in the "Basic" tab the "PID Controller" and "Motor Configuration" grids are greyed out and not editable.
    Pressing the Motor on/off button has no effect; the software says "motor switched on" but nothing happens.

    It started to happen after I was playing with the bluetooth app for android tablets. Are the two events linked?
    Any ideas please?
    I've a job starting tomorrow morning...
  • OK Looks like it was a conflict where my android bluetooth app over-wrote my laptops settings, and switched off the motor! Now I am trying to get the laptop to regain control...