DYS BGM4108-130HS YAW shake
  • Hi,

    I've bough the DYS BLG3SN in order to build a handheld gimbal with the SimpleBGC 32-bit controller (updated to the last firmware). My first test was to try the motors and I successfully drive the Pitch and Roll motors in fluid motion driven by a joystick. I do this with PID values of low (P = 1, I = 0, D= 0). The problem is with the yaw motor that motion is not fluid, every 10 degrees or similar there is a "shake". The motor is the DYS BGM4108-130HS. I'm using a Sony NEX 5N with the 18-55mm kit objective.

    - I tested with different power values because I was thinking that the problem may be was related to the cogging of the motor
    - I configured to 22 poles as the datasheet specifies
    - I tested with smaller mass in the gimbal to test if it was a problem of load
    - I checked the resistance of the three phases and its quite similar
    - I tried to move the centre of gravity to different positions with the same result
    - I tried to change in the configuration the pitch output to the yaw motor with the same result

    I don't know where may be the problem. Any suggestion?

    Thank you!
  • Why would you use such PID values?

    Does the gimbal work if normally configured?
  • I tried to set the configuration for an open loop in order to test the motion of the motors without having stabilization (as a motorized tripod for example). This was my first approach to test that everything is fine with the motors and then start testing with a closed loop PID.

    I tried to invert the parameter of the YAW motor and increase the P and D and the behaviour is similar to normal. I suppose that now I need to play with different values.
  • Zeroq don't go off the data sheet. I got three gimbal motors with my legacy frame but the two main motors are 22 poles and the yaw is 12 pole. All three are 5208's and there is no mention of this from supplier. Have a look and count the poles yourself then there are no ambiguities.