CAME TV 7800 out of controll
  • hi,

    maybe i have a simple problem a lot of newbees do have. i balanced my 7800 pretty well. i started it an it worked quiet nice. but it was a few degrees incorrect in the roll axis. so i thought it would be a godd idea to fix this with the GUI. like mentioned in many toutorials i let it do at first an auto PID. ok, maybe the wrong way when the motoras were allready working well.

    the gimbal was sometimes extremely shaking and in the end it was totaly wrong. i did not click on "write" but since that, the gimbal is completely incorret. i tried it again with hoping for better results, but it got not better. all this was in profil 1, but it influendced all profiles. profil 1 is the worst, the motors are oscillating and it makes strange sounds. in the other profiles it still working somehow, all motors are working, so i think and hope they have no damage. but the axis are completely in wrong directions.

    can i somehow recover everything to the first settings? what was wrong? the toutorials seemed easier, but i´m on reading the whole manual.

    can i also install a power adapter with a steady 11 or 12 voltage while tuning it, or are there any problems when doing so? i´d like to protect my batteries.

    thanks for every qualified tip!

  • First you need to do basic setup, then PID tuning. Auto-tuning works ok on some gimbals, not necessarily on all. Try auto-tuning one axis at the time starting from Pitch and using good stability setting.

    Better not use any power adapter if you do not really know what you are doing, and why that would protect battery?

    Connect battery directly, calibrate battery voltage, and set the compensate voltage trop and battery protection features on GUI.

    Best really to complete reading the users manual first and then carefully set up the gimbal according to it. Should solve most of the problems. Remember though, gimbal construction, camera installation, gimbal balancing, motors... need to be good enough, or it will not work good.
  • thanks a lot for fast answering!

    so it seems that theres no recovering possibility if i did not safe the old profiles at the beginning?

    with "battery calibration" do you mean the "motor configuration" point where to set the power?

    i wanted to avoid the problem, that the battery goes quiet fast down when calibrating the gimbal with the software. at the moment i do only have 1 battery. this means frequently charging. so i can´t work on the gimbel for long time with the GUI. thats why i wanted to connect it to a mains adapter.

    about 12 volt - amperes should be checked.

  • See service tab. the battery settings are there.

    I do not recommend using mains adapter. It can cause you many problems, just use the battery and set the battery voltage monitoring.

    A battery should last for hours. if not maybe you should get bigger. It is not practical to change the battery all the time during normal use either.

    3S or 4S battery around 2500 mAh would be good.
  • i have a 3s 11.1V 2200 mAh. but it seems as if went down within 1 hour becaus of a lot hard motorworking. i´ve seen batteries with 4000mAh. maybe somewhen also a possibility.

    two times when i did the auto PID (seperately) it did not work. it was only beeping and the settings did not change. next time i tried, it worked. but camera was lopsided as i mentioned.

    today i´ll try what you said and hope for better results. i just don´t want to damage anything ;)
  • Maybe you are using too much power, how hot do the motors run?

    Anyway, I suggest calibrating the battery and setting the voltage levels correctly on the warnings and using the compensate voltage drop, and setting also that voltage correct to the max. voltage, i.e. 3 x 4.2V =12.6V
  • one simple question inbetween. i´m a bit confused about the differences between firmwares and simpleBGC GUI versions.
    i just bought the gimbal few weeks ago. i have the simplebgc gui 2.43b9.
    is this just fine, or is there any fimware on the board i also have to check? does this GUI version work with all new boards? what do i all have to update and which problems are there if i don´t?
    what about guarantees in general?

    sorry for all these questions ;) but these are basics i can´t find somewhere written down.
  • The GUI should match the FW on board. They are two different things. Usually newer GUI is ok for older FW, but better to use the correct GUI.

    The GUI can be loaded here http://www.basecamelectronics.com/downloads/32bit/ and the FW is loaded trough the GUI. (Upgrade / Automatic /Check )
  • ok, i have seen that, but wasn´t shure if it´s the update of the gui itself or for the board.
    i´m just not really shure what i may do and how it affects my guarantee.
    can i see how hot the motors are. are there any sonsores?
    thanks a lot so far. i´ll try to get it handled.
  • About the warranty you should ask the seller.
  • i just tried to find the right motor configuration. especially if inverted or not. i balanced the gimbal, opened the gui and switched the gimbal on. then i pressed the "AUTO" button.

    result: few days ago, nothing was inverted. NOW sometimes roll & pitch are inverted, sometimes only pitch. how can this be?
  • How is the gimbal hold during the AUTO? it should be reasonably steady. Holding it firmly on hand (without moving) is ok.

    Have you changed IMU directions in between? Is the IMU well and firmly installed?

    It is strange tough if it has been firmly held and the inverted is not consistent. Maybe broken motor. Measure all motors, that each motor has about same resistance between the 3 wires. (you need to disconnect the motors from board to do this)
  • ok.. everything a bit spooky whats happening here :D

    i found the original profiles for that gimbal in the net. loaded them and checked motor config and IMU.

    i calibratetd the IMU. one time it says RIGHT is -Y.
    now i calibrated it again. now RIGHT is Y.

    roll and pitch are NOW also not invertetd. first time the number of poles is almost close to what it should be. it was 23 22 32. it should be 22 22 22 as i read about this model. i changed is by hand.

    i tried under real conditions... ---> everything working.

    ...just wondering.

    can you please anser me these 2 questions:

    1. what can happen if "invert" is wrong selected?? only wrong directing or worse?

    2. could the motor be broken even if it seems that its working correctly?

  • 1. The gimbal could be somehow working but not well, follow mode will not work etc. Nothing will break, it will not just work or works really bad.

    2. The motor wiring is really thin. It could break if the motor wires are pulled etc. (depending of motor, some are better constructed and this will not happen.) it could also be in state that on some motor wire position it makes contact, on some other is open. So yes, the motor could work temporarily even if there would be broken wires. The motor will also work if one wire is broken, but very badly.
  • good to know! thanks a lot!
  • Hi, Alex M,
    I have your same issue, at the beginning the gimbal worked pretty well but it was just a little bit degrees so i tried to fix it following a tutorial on this firmware but now i have your same problem. I spend all the afternoon on the web to find the original profiles but i didn't find it! can you please tell me where did you find it? o just give it to me!

    thanks in advance