2.43 b9 won't allow me to calibrate frame IMU
  • I cant select the frame icon to calibrate and my IMU does not have an ADDR bridge to cut.
  • I have the same issue. With the newest firmware I am unable to calibrate the frame imu. The gimbal works fine if I disconnect the frame imu, but I would love to be able to use both sensors.
  • den, the frame and camera IMUs need to have different address, otherwise it will not work.

    climberboy2005, did it work with older FW? Have you activated it at the advanced tab?
  • The problem is that the IMU's don't have a physical address jumper.
  • I took pictures, but I'm not sure how to add them to this post.
  • If they do not have address jumper, you can not use them as frame IMU (unless one of them is already at factory set as frame IMU). Did the IMUs come with the 32 bit board? You should get IMUs that are meant for 32 bit board.
  • I did order new IMU's which are identical to the original. It might be a bug issue. Going back to the old IMU's to test this theory.
  • Hi there,
    Have you checked that you Frame IMU is activated in ADVANCE/SENSOR?
  • I ordered another 32bit controller. It came with the original 32bit imu. Removed the address jumper. Works fine. I noticed that the earlier modules are built better. Better fiberglass boards and better soldering. One difference is the mini usb connector.